Connor Brannon Interview

For sport management 379 we had an assignment to interview one of our fellow classmates. I had the opportunity to interview Connor Brannon, who is from Portland, Oregon which is close to my hometown of Kelso, Washington. The interview process went really well, we interviewed in Cleveland 59 which is the production studio for all sport management majors.

The overall content of the interview was good, both Connor and I met up before we recorded so we could talk about the specific questions to ask. I kept it more centered to the sport management program itself, asking Connor what he liked about Washington State’s program and a few things that he would like to change. Once we finished recording, quickly found out how much we had in common. We both are passionate about basketball and baseball, and both want to work in event operations in the near future. I also talked about the different organizations that Connor has worked in to possible spark some interest for future sport management majors. The editing was definitely one of the more challenging portions of this assignments. Making sure the quality of the interview was good, as well as making sure everything flowed smoothly with the added transitions. I spent roughly 3-4 hours editing this interview making sure it was a quality piece of work.

Overall I really enjoyed this assignment. I got the opportunity to interview and learn more about a classmate I did not know previously. If I would have to recommend anything for this assignment it would be find someone who you do not know personally and interview them. It made it a more enjoyable assignment for me learning about someone new.



Sport Management Career Fair Features Various Fields

Washington State University’s Sport Management program hosted a career exploration fair in which students had the opportunity to come and listen to alumni and professionals directly involved with the sport management field. The career fair was on March 31st and featured different fields of sport management, the fields ranged from professional sport, minor league sport, recreational sport, as well as college and high school athletics.

The sport management program had two or three different presentations going at a time in different locations, which allowed students the opportunity to choose which presentations to attend. Specifically I attend three sessions, first I and many others had the chance to listen to Mr. Otto Klein who is the Senior Vice President of the Spokane Indians. Mr. Klein’s presentation was centered around the idea of professional sport administration, Mr. Klein has also been in the sport management career field and with the Spokane Indians for 25 years so he was a terrific candidate to allow to present to sport management students.

The second presentation I attended was with Nicolas Prante, DJ Mackie, and Skyler Archibald and they presented on University and Community Recreation. Both Nicolas and DJ currently work for Washington State University and Skyler works for Sunset Parks and Recreation located in Seaside Oregon. All three men gave different characteristics of their jobs and how they differ from the other. Nicolas works with facilities, while DJ works with intramurals and competitive sports, and Skyler works with recreational programming with the Seaside community.

The third and final presentation that I attended was with Andy Barnes and Chris Franklin. Andy works for the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA) and Chris is the Athletic Director of Pullman High School. Both of them gave background of how they can came into their current position. Also talked about how the two interact with each other on a daily basis.

There was a few more sessions and presentations that I wanted to attend as well as many others at the career fair, this pertained to getting more information from different fields such as event operations, ticket sales, and college athletics. For the future career fairs I hope to see the Sport Management program continue to get excellent speakers as well as try and get in contact with a few more professional sport representatives. This was a popular recommendation in some of my classes. Overall this career fair was a success!

The Sport Management career fair was a great opportunity to listen and learn from current professionals!

Posted by Hunter Hartley on Thursday, April 6, 2017

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WSU making drastic parking changes

Washington State transportation services blocking off section of the road for an event.

The Washington State University transportation services are proposing a new change to the current style of parking. In the eyes of the transportation service this new proposal will change the current zones on campus as well as implement improvements overall. Currently the transportation center is requesting feedback from students and community members as well about the proposed changes, this will be ongoing until February 13th according to the Daily Evergreen.

I personally like the fact that not only is the transportation services proposing changes to the current parking situation, but the fact that they want community and student participation in surveys is outstanding work. I myself have had many issues with the current parking situation. Many people do not know or understand the different parking zones and rules that are specific for that zone, also when sporting events are held in which alumni and community members attend it just makes parking a huge disaster.

If and when the parking proposal is approved the transportation service plans on adding one hundred additional parking spots, to help with the rise of parking permits that students need. This is estimated to cost around one million dollars, which will be payed from the funds of parking tickets and fees. Also there are three zones that the transportation services are thinking about changing. This will be implemented if approved by the fall semester of 2017.

This current event relates to sport management because sport managers in the different departments such as marketing, event operations, ticket sales, and even parking will need to understand the new parking structure in order to provide a good experience for fans so they will want to return, also to clear up confusion before hand so when the event does come up it runs smoothly as possible.

I personally hope that this new proposal will help reduce the confusion and the number of parking tickets issued on campus, and that this proposal benefits everyone here at Washington State University.

My expectations for Sport Management 379

For this upcoming course I expect to gain various skills to help me with my future aspirations. For example making this website is a new skill that I have recently learned. I am looking forward to blogging repeatedly over the time of this course and what type of content to blog about because it suits a specific public. Another skill I am excited to learn about how to upload and edit video clips to make them professional. Finally I hope to learn what type of information is acceptable to post on social media for a professional organization.