My name is Hunter Hartley and I am currently a sport management major at Washington State University. I have high career aspirations I want to work with a professional sports team in the area of event operations or in ticket sales. This dream all started with my older cousin who is currently the Vice President of ticket sales for the Tacoma Rainier’s who are the triple-A affiliate of the Seattle Mariners. When I was younger Shane my cousin would give me tours and allow me the opportunity to essentially job shadow him. I instantly loved what he did and I hope one day that I will get an opportunity to work with a professional sports team.

I have never really considered international perspectives before. Sport is a huge success everywhere. Depending on where you live your favorite sport may be different from somebody living in a different country/region. I have never left the country so personally I have not experienced a different culture in sport besides what the media and television display. I would personally enjoy going to France or England to see a soccer match and see how different the culture is compared to the United States.