Connor Brannon Interview

For sport management 379 we had an assignment to interview one of our fellow classmates. I had the opportunity to interview Connor Brannon, who is from Portland, Oregon which is close to my hometown of Kelso, Washington. The interview process went really well, we interviewed in Cleveland 59 which is the production studio for all sport management majors.

The overall content of the interview was good, both Connor and I met up before we recorded so we could talk about the specific questions to ask. I kept it more centered to the sport management program itself, asking Connor what he liked about Washington State’s program and a few things that he would like to change. Once we finished recording, quickly found out how much we had in common. We both are passionate about basketball and baseball, and both want to work in event operations in the near future. I also talked about the different organizations that Connor has worked in to possible spark some interest for future sport management majors. The editing was definitely one of the more challenging portions of this assignments. Making sure the quality of the interview was good, as well as making sure everything flowed smoothly with the added transitions. I spent roughly 3-4 hours editing this interview making sure it was a quality piece of work.

Overall I really enjoyed this assignment. I got the opportunity to interview and learn more about a classmate I did not know previously. If I would have to recommend anything for this assignment it would be find someone who you do not know personally and interview them. It made it a more enjoyable assignment for me learning about someone new.



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